Dr. Phillips enjoys caring for children of all ages, including newborns. She performs the important well checks children need, as well as providing care for acutely ill children. A modern alternative to a pediatrician.

Doctor Phillips - Lakeside Family Physicians Huntersville, NC accepts most major private insurance plans. Dr. Phillips is a family practice physician affiliated with Presbyterian Hospital and admits to Presbyterian Huntersville.

Your Child’s Growth

Children's growth stages by Doctor Shari PhillipsAs soon as you get used to your baby’s behavior, eating, and sleeping habits, s/he will progress to the next stage.This is normal, but still can be disconcerting for most parents. Although every child is unique and each one can surprise the “experts” at any time, knowing what to expect at each stage will help make smooth transitions as your child grows.

This knowledge will also help you recognize if there is a problem in your child’s development. Listed below is information about each stage of a young child’s development. Remember that these are general guidelines and each child will hit the standard milestones at approximately the expected age.